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Welcome to Twinstreams - the oldest environmental education centre in KwaZulu-Natal. Set at the confluence of the Siyaya and Amanzimnyama streams in a forest adjoining the vast Siyaya Coastal Park in Zululand, Twinstreams has easy access to a rich diversity of ecosystems. A visit to the Mlalazi River mangroves followed by a canoe trip to its pristine estuary is a highlight of many school tours but the most valuable lesson gained from Twinstreams is that individuals can make a vital difference. The founders of the Centre, Ian and Jean Garland, spent a lifetime caring for the environment and passing their enthusiasm, knowledge and experience onto others and this gives Twinstreams its unique character.

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www.twinstreams.org.za is the official website of the Friends of Twinstreams Trust which was established in 1998 to assist and support the good work done by the Twinstream Environmental Education Centre.
The full website is still under construction but If you would like to know more about the facilities on offer at Twinstreams Environmental Education Centre, please visit www.twinstreams.org


Environmental education at Twinstreams
Twinstreams provides an excellent outdoor classroom for introducing a wide range of environmental issues as well as developing observation and analytical skills in young people who may be experiencing their first encounter with nature.
An excellent package of environmental activities based on the school curriculum is offered but the guides at the Centre will happily develop a tailor-made programme to suit your specific needs.
Group dynamics and problem solving through interaction and communication is also a very popular activity in the team-building exercises.
Twinstreams also co-ordinates environmental projects funded by large corporate bodies.
Twinstreams Centre is staffed by a dynamic youthful team with a variety of experiences and talents to their credit. Meet Ray who hiked the entire South African coastline to promote coastal conservation, try and catch out our resident birding-experts Sakhamuzi and Junior with some new bird calls, learn to identify Steve's laugh from beyond the sand dunes and meet Khuliliwe and Nomusa who will cook your scrumptious meals.

Whether you are planning a school outing or a small conference with a relaxing atmosphere, you will find something to suit your needs at Twinstreams. The facilities are being continually upgraded and today it boasts a variety of architecturally- interesting structures such as Sinkwe Centre which can accommodate large groups in comfortable cabins, Mick's Park with its more rustic facilities and its famous open-air setting under mature flatcrown trees as well as its award-winning eco-house staff residence. There are also twin-bed wooden chalets for those who like their home comforts.
Twinstreams' beautiful setting in a forest adjacent to the Siyaya Coastal Park, south of Mtunzini, offers visitors and day trippers a host of activities.
Download a printable map of its extensive network of footpaths, as well as a tree and a birding list, and enjoy a hike through forests with an impressive variety of species. It hosts the popular annunal Mtunzini Conservancy Birding Weekend but there are also Birdlife-SA trained birding guides on hand throughout the year.
Twinstreams had its humble beginnings in a canvas tented camp on the banks of the Siyaya river on the sugarcane farm of Ian Garland in 1952. Over the years more and more young South Africans from all walks of life visited Twinstreams to hear Ian Garland's lessons on nature and to admire the beautiful forest he was planting and rehabilitating.
Check out the photographic record of how Twinstreams has changed over the years and read about the remarkable life and times of Ian Garland and his lifetime work of rehabilitating the Siyaya catchment.
Find the trees that some illustrious visitors to Twinstreams planted and meet some of the Friends and Alumni - who have gone on to be leaders in their field.
Twinstreams is the 'mother of all indigenous
gardens' and long before it became fashionable to have an indigenous garden, Ian Garland was on a mission to encourage other gardeners to 'go indigenous'. He never returned from a trip to Maputaland or a visit to his beloved Ongoye Forest without a pocketful of seeds to germinate and introduce into his garden and forests.
He was famous (some may say notorious) for his 'short walks' through new sections of his rehabilitated forests where he would stop at each sapling and praise its virtues.
Find out more about his pioneering gardens and acquaint yourself with some of his favourite plants or visit one of the local nurseries that specialise in indigenous plants.
The area is rich in natural and cultural heritage sites ranging from pristine forests, unspoilt estuaries to historical landmarks and colourful traditional Zulu events. The Zululand hills are full of history and the best place to start finding out more about it is at the Fort Nongqayi Museum Village in Eshowe. Take in the majesty of the the Raphia Palm Natural Monument in Mtunzini, tick off rare birds in Ongoye Forest or dust off your beadwork and head for the annual Royal Reed Dance near Nongoma.
Surf some excellent websites before you start exploring.
A visit to Twinstreams is not all work and no play! It's not only about learning important lessons on the environment but also about having fun with one's friends, family and classmates.
Visit our Picture Gallery and browse through the photograph albums to see who got mud on their face and who couldn't walk the plank.
If you have some of your own photographs of your visit to Twinstreams which you would like to share, contact our webmaster to put them in the album.
Join the debate raging around the proposed mining close to Twinstreams. WESSA, the Mtunzini Conservancy and the Twinstreams Blue People have appealed the decision to grant Tronox authorisation to mine heavy minerals just 600 metres from Mick's Park.

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